Italian team at the Olympics

Tokyo 2020, day 14 brings three gold medals

No one was expecting day 14 to look like this. Sure, everyone in Italy was hoping it would look like this. But hoping is one thing. Doing it is another. The Italian team at the Olympics is the talk of the town and for a good reason. Actually, for three good reasons. And they all shine like an ingot. This time, it’s not just coming to RomeThis time, Rome is exploding.

In one day of Games, Italian athletes brought home three golds. Now, the medal count reaches 38But Tokyo 2020 isn’t over yet.

Italian team at the Olympics, the three golds

Day 14 at these Japanese Olympics started with the 20km march. Not an easy feat, through the streets of Sapporo. Antonella Palmisano won the gold, marching the last kilometer wrapped in an Italian flag. She lost it a few meters from the finish line, but she went back for it to celebrate. After marching in a stunning time of 1h29’12, Palmisano cried and thanked her husband for the support.

From the resistance of the Italian athlete to the precision and technique of Luigi Busà. He won the gold in the kumite karate -75. At his first Olympic Games, Busà beat Aghayev and he brought medal number 37, beating Italy’s (old) record of 36 -that stood for over 50 years.

“Mom, I made it!,” he screamed to the camera, “it was the coolest thing and I am over the moon. This has been a difficult year, one day I will tell you.”

Just run

One day, even the boys of the men’s 4×100 relay will be able to express their joy. The four lighting bolts are: Marcell Jacobs (the Olympic champion of the 100 meter), Filippo Tortu, Lorenzo Patta, and Eseosa Desalu.

“We promised each other to win this gold and we believed it until the end,” said Jacobs.

“When I started, I saw we were side by side and I just decided to relax and run,” said Tortu who run the last 100 meters, passing the Canadian team, “we didn’t expect this finishing time.” The speedsters ran at 37.50. The seconds were only at 37.51.

That’s medal number three on day 14 at Tokyo 2020. What will the marathons hold?

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