Italian Olympic results

Tokyo 2020, days 12 & 13

After the silver medal of Vanessa Ferrari and the gold at the Narca 17 race, Italy seemed to be on a roll. Indeed, the week had started great for Italian Olympic results. But day 12 was a different story, somehow. While a team celebrated its record, two other teams saw their hopes sail away. First, the good news.

Fast, they are

It’s the men’s cycling track team pursuit. After making the world record at the semifinal, they did even better in the final against Denmark. The four cyclists sped to the gold medal with a stunning time of 3’42″032. Pushed and pulled by champion Filippo Ganna, the team brought gold medal number six for the Italians.

“We knew the silver medal was like a parachute,” Ganna said after the victory, “but we wanted more. The other guys put me in an ideal position to do my job, they launched my speed and I just closed the deal. But I can assure you their job is harder than mine.” So a team and its captain, for one of the best Italian Olympic results ever.


Fast they are indeed, especially after the bronze medal of Elia Viviani in the Omnium specialty.

Resistance, we have

It’s the resistance of Massiamo Stano, who won gold in the 20km march. Straight from Puglia, the 29-year old gave Italy the seventh gold and a hug to his Chinese opponents, who completed the podium with him. Another resistant athlete is Gregorio Paltrinieri, who keeps surprising everyone watching -and even himself. In the early Japanese morning, he swam the marathon 10km, arriving third at the finish line. Despite his health issues, Paltrinieri defeated expectations and he still has more to give.

Water gifted Italian with one more medal, this time a shiny silver thanks to Manfredi Rizza, who finished second in the canoe sprint. Both fast and resistant, Rizza sped through the K1 200 meters. Outside of the Japanese waters, Viviana Bottaro gained third place in the karate kata specialty, the first Olympic medal for this Italian sport.

Italian Olympic results, the disappointments

Unfortunately, not everything was as shiny as a gold medal. In fact, both the women’s volleyball team and the men’s waterpolo left Tokyo 2020 at the quarterfinals. Both teams played against Serbia and they both lost.

Serbians are the reigning Olympic champions at waterpolo, so Italians knew how hard it would be. In the end, they lost 6-10, after a disappointing beginning of the match.

“My regret is that we didn’t fight until the very last minute,” said coach Sandro Campagna, “the guys looked ready, I didn’t expect such a beginning to the game. It surprised me. Our path was good and now we have three years to work hard.”

Another team that would work hard is the women’s volleyball. They never made it beyond the quarterfinals at the Olympics and Tokyo 2020 was no different. They team, guided by Paola Egonu, lost 3-0 against the Serbians. This time, expectations were high, so the fall was harder.

“It’s disappointing,” coach Davide Mazzanti said, “we didn’t give to the national volleyball movement what we wanted. But I believe that this team, after recovering from this Olympic injury, still has a lot to give.” Hopefully, the results at the European tournament in August will be better.

Another sport that has to grow is the beach volley’s. For the first time in Olympic history, Italy had three teams. The duo of players Nicolai-Lupo lost 0-2 against the Qatar’s team, stopping at the quarterfinals. So, from the bronze curse to the quarterfinals curse. At least for the teams.

So far, Italy has 35 medals. 

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