Gymnast Vanessa Ferrari

Tokyo 2020, day 10 & 11

The first week of the Olympics ended with a bang, at least for Italian athletes. Thanks to the gold medals of Marcell Jacobs and TamberiSunday was sweeter in Italy. However, it’s already time to move on. A new week has started at Tokyo 2020 and it’s already started with a smile. It’s the smile of gymnast Vanessa Ferrari. She won the silver at the women’s floor exercise final, a true success.

The top results

Not only the gymnast Vanessa Ferrari. In fact, another gold medal joined the count. It came from the mixed team of Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti. The couple won the Nacra 17 sailing race, bringing the Italian gold medals to five.

Another great result came from the cycling team pursuit specialty. The four men even made the new world record. In fact, Francesco Lamon, Simone Consonni, Jonathan Milan, and Filippo Ganna cycled at a stunning 3’42”307. They will compete for the gold on Wednesday, August 4th. With this time in their wheels, the expectations are high. Just like expectations were high for the men’s volleyball.

Failing expectations

The men of the Italian volleyball team waved goodbye to Tokyo 2020 when they lost to Argentina. At the tiebreak, the athletes weren’t able to stop the rivals that now have moved on to the semifinals. Same result came from the ItalbasketThe team lost against France, but they didn’t go down without a fight considering the final score was 75-84. Still, the presence of the Italian basketball at the Olympics was already a success. In fact, the team made it to Tokyo 2020 after 17 of long drought.

So, while athletes like gymnast Vanessa Ferrari break records and exceed hopes, others go back to Italy. Some can hold their head high, like the Italbasket, while others might have some thinking to do.

After 11 days at Tokyo 2020, Italy has a total of 29 medals. Of these, five are gold, nine silver, and 15 bronze. 

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