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Tokyo 2020, day 7-9 results

The last time we checked in with the Italian athletes at Tokyo 2020, women were dominating the medal count. Has something changed in the Olympics results? These are the highlights of days 7-9, with men trying to take back control and even drama from the fencing team.

27 medals and counting

Needless to say, the two gold medals that came at the end of day nine were a surprise and they brought tears to anyone who loves athletics. Of course, these are the medals of Gianmarco Tamberi in the high jump and Marcell Jacobs in the 100-meters. 

One of the most heartfelt medals is the bronze of Lucilla Boari in the archery specialty. Crying after her victory, the newly crowned Italian champion even made her coming outAnother bronze came from swimming, this time from Simona Quadarella in the 800 freestyle. While she didn’t make any surprising revelations, the swimmer was still as tearful as the archer. She wasn’t sure she could swim at her best, but she confirmed her talent with these Olympics results. In fact, Quadarella is the Italian swimmer who has won the most individual titles, standing at six. She even holds the Italian record in the 800-meter freestyle (8’14”99) and int the 1500 (15’40”89). A true champion.

But she isn’t the only one. Boxer Irma Testa made history with her bronze medal. In fact, she became the first Italian women to win a medal at the Olympics.

“I’ve matured since the Games of Rio 2016,” said Testa, “I didn’t take anything for granted and now I’m here, on the podium. I am optimistic for the future, I’m physically better than everyone else.” Soon, she might make history again. However, the men have the same goals.

The men trying to recover

Indeed, the men of the Italian team are trying to even the score with the women’s medals. Archer Mauro Nespoli made the first step with his silver, against the Turkish champion Mete Gazoz. Two more medals, but this time of bronze came from Antonino Pizzolato in the 81kg weightlifting. And, lastly, the bronze of the swimming mixed relay 4×100. Thanks to the speed of Thomas Ceccon, Nicolò Martinenghi, Federico Burdisso, and Alessandro Miressi won a historic medal.

So, the toal count for Italy is f 25 medals, but more might come, especially from the athletics team.

The best Olympics results

More positive results came from the women’s volleyball and the men of the Italbasket. But, the athletics competitions have finally began. Worth mentioning is the record of Marcell Jacobs in the 100-meter. The Italian speedster broke the national record during qualifying, running at 9.94. More smiles came from Gianmarco Tamberi, who reached the final of the high jump specialty. Another final in the pocket is the one of Sara Fantini in the throw hammer.

So, athletics has just began but Italians are already answering the call. One final to look forward to? Vanessa Ferrari in gymnastics, on August 2nd.

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