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Italian athletics reigns

Someone called it the “bronze curse.” Italy had 25 medals at the Tokyo Olympics and the majority were bronze. Were the country’s athletes really not worth the gold? That someone spoke too soon. At least that’s what Gianmarco Tamberi and Marcell Jacobs said.

On top of the world

Tamberi had been waiting to compete in the high jump specialty for five years. After an injury, the Italian athlete was eager to do well and to jump to the peak of the universe. He didn’t have it easy, going neck to neck until the last jump at 2.39 meters. Tamberi and his rival from Qatar Barshim. They were asked a question: do you want to do the jump to close the deal? Or perhaps not?

Perhaps not, both athletes said. And it’s a double gold, well deserved for both. In a show of sportsmanship, friendship, and strength, there won’t be any silver for the men’s high jump at Tokyo 2020.

When the decision was finalized, Tamberi cried, screamed, and rolled on the floor. Carrying an Italian flag on his shoulders and his cast in his hands. On the cast, in capital letters, a warning, a hope, a premonition:

Road to Tokyo


For Tamberi, the road to back to Rome is paved in gold. He was still celebrating when Marcell Jacobs was warming up for his 100-meter final. The race queen of the Olympics, worth of its own show.

Jacobs qualified to the final with the European record of 9.84. Still, seven of the world’s fastest men were speeding alongside the Italian. But nothing scratched Jacob’s focus and concentration.

At the go, he ran first. At the end, he was still first, running the 100 meters at 9.80. That’s the first Italian gold for a man in the specialty. Actually, just reaching the final was a record, for Jacobs. In fact, no other Italian of the 100-meters had even gone that far. At Tokyo 2020, Jacobs didn’t just go far. He sped to the top of the world.

At the finish line, Marcell Jacobs found Gianmarco Tamberi, the captain of the Italian athletics team. The two athletes hugged, engulfed by the country’s flag. And that’s an image that will be difficult to forget. It’s a double win at Tokyo 2020



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