Formula 1 2021

Formula 1, the championship recap

Fast cars, stylish drivers, and iconic race tracks. The Formula 1 2021 championship is the battle against Mercedes and Red Bull, the two dominators of the past 10 years. And it’s the championship of the underdogs like Lando Norris on McLaren, of Ferrari’s red hopes, and of new circuits. After a 2020 with the virus and without any spectators, the F1 is ready to welcome back viewers, haters, and lovers.

Formula 1 2021, all the results

So, how is this year’s championship going? While it seems like the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen is never ending, other riders are gaining spotlight. One of them is Lando Norris, who always manages to battle it out with the big boys. The two Ferraris of LeClerc and Sainz are always close to the podium.

Indeed, all bets are off. Here’s the recap of the Formula 1 2021 with the results, beginning from the latest races.

Hungaroring, Hungary

Wet race, messy race? Indeed, at least in Hungary. At the first corner, Bottas makes a mistake and takes out dix drivers. After a race stop to clear the track, fourteen drivers are back at the start to fight for first. Hamilton is in front, with Verstappen last, despite the car’s damage. With the track getting dry, all drivers change tires, except for Hamilton. He starts alone, but finds himself last after his forced pitstop. Still, the British driver is on the podium, arriving third. First is Ocon and second Vettel. Verstappen ends 10th.

Silverstone, UK

Talk about real drama, even worse than Baku. In fact, Verstappen starts in pole-position, after winning the sprint qualifying. Still, Hamilton is behind him. And he doesn’t let him go, so much so that Hamilton touches the Red Bull on the rear tire, sending Verstappen against the walls and out of the race. Luckily, the driver didn’t suffer any injury. But, at the race’s restart, Hamilton has a 10-second penalty. Despite this, he manages to win his home GP, in front of LeClerc, and lastly his teammate Bottas.

Red Bull Ring, Austria

On board of his Red Bull, Max Verstappen brings the victory to the Red Bull Ring. He wins home, right in front of Bottas and Lando Norris, who was only 20 seconds behind. So, now the F1 is headed for Silverstone where the first Sprint start will take place. How will that go ?

Stiria, Austria

Verstappen wins this race, taking the throne from Hamilton. A struggling but strong Bottas finishes the podium. It was a better GP for Ferrari too. After a disastrous first curves, LeClerc managed to end 7th, right behind his teammate Sainz.

Le Castellet, France

After a strategic race, Max Verstappen won the French race. He managed to overcome Hamilton, who ended up second after a miscalculated pitstop. The other Red Bull of Perez closed the podium, after overtaking Bottas. It was a weekend to forget for Ferrari, since Sainz ended 11th and LeClerc 16th.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Dramatic race at this city circuit. Verstappen is leading the race when his rear tyre gave out, putting him onto the wall and out of the race. After this accident, the race stops for a red flag. With two laps left, the drivers started from the grid. The battle is on. Under pressure, Hamilton made a mistake and was out of the race. The final podium surprised everyone: Perez, Vettel, and Gasly. Only 4th Leclerc, who started from pole position.

Monaco, Montecarlo

A bit of drama in Monaco. Charles Leclerc gained pole position, then crashed before the end of the qualifiers. Due to the damage of the gearbox, he can’t join on race day. And drama even for Mercedes, as Bottas’ wheel got stuck at pit stop, forcing him to leave the race. First Verstappen, second the Ferrari of Sainz, and third a surprising Norris. Hamilton only ends 7th.

Catalonia, Spain

The podium of Portugal repeats in a copy and paste, after a successful Mercedes strategy. Meanwhile, the Ferrari improves with LeClerc, who finishes 4th. Even his teammate Sainz does better than Portugal ending 7th. Still, it is chasing Red Bull and Mercedes.

Portimao, Portugal

Once again, the drivers reversed standings during the Portuguese Grand Prix. First, Hamilton, then Verstappen, and finally Bottas. Once again, Red Bull and Mercedes dominate. The first Ferrari on the finish line is LeClerc, who ends 6th. His teammate, Sainz, is way behind: 11th.

Imola, Italy

Back in Imola, in the circuit home of speed. This time, the roles have reversed for the Italian Grand Prix. In fact, Verstappen ends first, swapping places with Hamilton. A surprising Norris ends third onboard his orange McLaren. The Ferraris have improved, with Leclerc finishing 4th, in front of his teammate Sainz.


First race of the 2021 F1. And Lewis Hamilton doesn’t disappoint, taking home a precious win. But Verstappen was second, not too far indeed. Third, Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate. Unfortunately, the Ferrari didn’t shine, ending 6th and 8th.


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