Massimo Adriatici

Guns and politicians, three cases

In two weeks, there have been two cases of Italian politicians pulling out guns and shooting. Then, there is been one case of a politician pulling out a gun to protest the vaccines.

The association of words “gun” and “politicians” usually stands in the debate against laws of for weapons. This time, the topic made it to the streets, sometimes with deadly results. But it seems like this hot summer arose something different, starting from the case of Massimo Adriatici in Voghera.

Massimo Adriatici still on house arrest

The politician shot and killed  an unarmed man in the city of Voghera. He claimed self-defense, although this doesn’t apply unless the crime happens in someone’s private home. This time, it happened outside of a bar. The politician told investigators that Youns El Bossettaoui was bothering clients and he approached him to ask him to leave. Instead, the other started resisting. Adriatici fell and the gun fired by accident, killing Youns almost instantly.

Except, authorities don’t believe the story. Adriatici was put on house arrest because investigators were afraid he would tamper with witness or even repeat the crime.

In fact, a video recorded by a passerby shows the politician talking to a witness talking to a police officer. “Did you see he tried to kick me in the head?,” Massimo Adriatici said. Still holding the murdering weapon, he had already tried tampering with the witness. While he’s on house arrest, the victim’s sister asks for justice, for a brother who had mental health issues and needed help. Not a bullet.

He provoked me

Th story of Massimo Adriatici happened only a few weeks before the story of Gaetano Aronica in the city of Licata. Now, both are on house arrest. Aronica belongs to the party Lega, just like Adriatici. Instead of firing against an immigrant, Aronica fired against his ex business partner. Both victims didn’t have a weapon, but this time no one died.

They were participating in a town council meeting. When it was over, Aronica shot Giuseppe Caico four times with an unregistered gun. The victim was in his car, ready to go back home and the politician fired at close range, with the intent of killing -say the authorities. To investigators, Aronica’ confession sounded more like an excuse.

“He provoked me, saying he was able to take a storage facility from me, I didn’t want to kill him.” Still, law enforcement is investigating attempted murder.

The Russian roulette

Politician Davide Barillari doesn’t believe in vaccines. He made it perfectly clear in a recent video on YouTube, when he used a gun to prove his point.

“This is Russian roulette and you are the one firing the gun. If you are lucky, you only have fever and a headache. If you aren’t lucky, it’s a cerebral ictus, and even death. We want the truth about this experimental vaccine.” Then, Barillari points the gun at his arm, where the jab happens. From the background of the video, it’s obvious this took place in an office of the Region Lazio. While some viewers speculate the gun is fake, there is yet no certainty. Nicola Zingaretti is the president of Lazio.

”Showing a gun, whether its real or fake, it’s very serious and not educational. And pairing it with the assumed danger of vaccines is even more foolish and wrong. Barillari needs to apologize for his video. Vaccines are saving the world. Guns aren’t.”


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