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Finally, the defibrillators in public spaces and in the workplace

It might seem impossible to believe, but defibrillators in Italy weren’t legal in public places and in the workplace. Finally, the law passed, with a 20-year delay. From now on, these devices that can save a life will be found in any open space. Plus, the legislation includes workshops in schools and even prevention.

“We finally filled a void in the law, typically Italian,” said Giorgio Mulé from the Interior Ministry. It will be crucial at the beach and not only. In fact, hearth attacks don’t give any warnings, they just happen. They can happen at airports, train stations, and harbors. Before, there places didn’t have to carry defibrillators. Now, not having one will be against the law.

The law also includes euro 2 million of incentives, to help purchase these devices. Another crucial point is that using the defibrillator in Italy doesn’t carry any sentence -if done wrong. In fact, if there is no healthcare professional during the emergency, even a private citizen can intervene. If it goes wrong, the person won’t be held accountable. Trying to save a life with a defibrillator in Italy won’t be a crime. Just the opposite.

The story of Andrea

He was only 21 when he had a sudden heart attack at school. Luckily, there was a defibrillator near and the quickness of a professor saved him.

“I don’t remember much about that day,” said Andrea to Il Sole 24 Ore, “the professor did a course so she knew how to save me. That’s how I am here today.” Then, the student went to the hospital, surviving his heart attack.

Now, it’s time to teach how to use the defibrillator in schools. If people around Andrea didn’t know how to use one, he wouldn’t be able to tell his story. The latest law on defibrillators in Italy might just give Andrea his wish.

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