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Olympics, day 3 recap

Day three at Tokyo 2020 is a day of medals for the country’s athletes, especially thanks to Italian swimmers. When the races began, the swimmers replied without fear. This is the Italian school of a champion like Federica Pellegrini, so it’s no surprise. Or is it? Here’s the Italian Compass recap of day 2 at the Olympics, with the top results.

Italian swimmers make history

Nicolò Martinenghi made it to the final of the 100-meter swimming breaststroke with the Italian record. He swam at 58’’28, ensuring his spot with the top eight in the world. Then, he ensured his top three place, gaining the bronze medal at the final. Thanks to his stunning 58”33, the Italian athlete made it to the podium. Italy had been missing from it for 21 years. But Martinenghi wasn’t the only protagonist in the pool. In fact, the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay gained the silver, for the first time ever. Indeed, Italy had never made it to the podium in this category. Now, things have changed. After the disappointing performance of Benedetta Pilato, Italian swimmers needed this good news.

Counting the medals

The men weren’t the only ones taking home medals. In fact, Diana Bacosi won the silver in the skeet and this is her second podium in the Olympic Games. Despite winning the gold at Rio 2016, this second place feels golden, especially against the American Amber English.

“I was hoping for another first place, but I gave everything I had, “ said Bacosi, “and I am happy anyway. I am super emotional and I want to dedicate this medal to every Italian, because this was such a hard year for everyone. The pandemic tried defeating us but us, as a population, we were able to get back up, in life as in sports.”

Then, to close day 3 with a bang, Daniele Garozzo won the silver in fencing. He surrendered to the Chinese champion, also due to his injuries. Still, his result goes in the history books of the sport.

Counting victories and defeats

Another great result came from boxer Irma Testa, who made it to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, tennis player Sonego didn’t have such a positive result, since he got eliminated. However, his teammates Fognini and Giorgi made it to the next round. The men’s volleyball team disappointed and lost 3-0 against Poland, a hard defeat after the victory against Canada. Still, there is time to ensure the qualification. The beach volley duo Lupo-Nicola did better, beating the German team.

So, after three days at the Olympics, Italy has nine medals. Not too bad, indeed.

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