Taranto bus

She had mental issues, they abused her for years

They abused her for years on the public, Taranto bus.

This is the story of a young woman with mental health disabilities. Defenseless, the men and drivers of Amat closed the doors to abuse her. It went on for too long, since even once is too much for any woman.

The story of the Taranto bus

It all happened between October 2028 and April 2020. The woman used the public transportation to go visit her grandparents and to go back to her mom’s. She also liked to ride the Taranto bus fro fun, enjoying the adventure. So, she started chatting with the drivers, that quickly became familiar faces. Just as quickly, they became her abusers.

The drivers stopped in isolated and quiet places, closing the doors to turn the bus into a prison. They knew where to go and they knew the young woman had mental health issues, so she was less likely to talk. She was vulnerable and they exploited her state. After the abuse, the men swapped pictures, videos, and comments in the chat. One of them abused her in his car, where she got on with the promise of a ride home. Since rape in Italy is usually under-reported, they felt safe.

Speaking up

Until the woman confided in her boyfriend and he convinced her to go to the police. Investigators tapped phones and they followed the drivers. When they had enough proof, they arrested the abusers. They are now on house arrest and they can’t approach the woman or the boyfriend. The accusations are of rape with the aggravating factor of abusing a woman with limited personal freedom. Another aggravating factor is committing the crime during their public service.

The investigations prove the men knew the victim was particularly vulnerable and they chose her for that same reason. The authorities have pictures, videos, and comments. They have every proof to make sure the abusers face consequences. And to ensure the bravery of the girl is rewarded.

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