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The women of artistic gymnastics protagonists on day 2

It’s day two at the Tokyo Olympics and the matches have been going on the entire day. But, for the Italian team, the real protagonists have been the women of artistic gymnastics. While they face fierce competition from the American team, nothing scared them. Just the opposite. The competition fueled them, granting them spots in the finals and international applause. The one carrying them all? Vanessa Ferrari.

Ferrari first in free body artistic gymnastics

These might be only the qualifications, but the Italian gymnast ensured her spot in the final already. How? By being first during the heat, even in front of the favorite and champion Simone Biles. Ferrari scored a stunning 14.166 (5.9 il D Score), surprising the judges on the enchanting melody of Con te partirò by Andrea Bocelli.

She is at her fourth Olympics, after the defeats of London 2012 and Rio 2016. During those Games, Ferrari placed always fourth, close to the podium but not close enough. At 30-years old, Tokyo 2020 might be her chance to shine and put her name in the international stage of artistic gymnastics. The Italian gymnast can make sure her mark in the sport is permanent. The moment of truth is the final of the free body category, on August, 2nd.

Watch: Ferrari’s performance

The artistic gymnastics team makes it to the final

Italy does celebrate its women at the Olympics. In fact, the women’s artistic gymnastics team has reached the final in Tokyo. With a total score of 163.330, the Italians reached the final in front of teams like Japan, Canada, and Spain. In front of the “butterflies,” there is Russia, commanding the ranking -for now. Then, the next team is USA, China, France, and the UK. So, the Italian gymnast have a challenge in front of them, but they seem up to it. To see if they will be able to make history after the bronze medal at the 2019 World Cup, lovers of the sport have to wait for the final on July, 27th.

The women are protagonists on day two, but other Italian athletes gained medals.

The results of day two

Another woman brings a medal home. It’s Odette Giuffrida, who ended third in the Judo (-52kg) category. Another bronze came from cyclist Elisa Longo Borghini. Actually, it’s three bronzes, thanks to the success of Mirko Zanni in weightlifting (67kg), thanks to his lift of 322kg.

More great results came from the men’s Italbasket, which beat Germany 92-82. Then, it was time for the men’s waterpolo to beat South Africa 21-2. Indeed, a great start at the Olympics for both teams. On the other hand, the women of 3×3 basketball continue their winning streak, after the results of day one.

So, day two at Tokyo 2020 was a success for the Italian athletes. What lies ahead?

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