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Road to Tokyo, the most promising athletes

The Tokyo Olympics are truly right around the corner. In one week, this Covid edition will begin and all eyes are on Japan. While there won’t be any spectators, the Games are always an event worth watching. Since this has been the year of the Euro 2020 victory, the Italian Olympics team rides an excited wave.

Still, Italy is bringing 384 athletes divided into 16 categories. So, the national team is big. Who are the athletes to look for?

Spotlight on the Italian Olympics team

The delegation includes veterans and young promises. While each category has its stars, here are a few names to keep track of.


This is the royal category of any Olympics. It’s how the Games started centuries ago. With jumps, sprints, obstacles, and speed. Unfortunately, athletics hasn’t been Italy’s strong suit for a while. In fact, at Rio 2016, this team didn’t bring home any medals.

In Tokyo, results might be different. Thanks to names like Marcell Jacobs, who broke the Italian record on the 100-meter distance. He also shined in the Diamond League, gaining third place in Montecarlo. Indeed, the 26-year old is promising. So is Gianmarco Tamberi, a specialist of the high jump, and Antonella Palmisano, a walker with tons of strength and dedication.


The cycling team shines with international names, both on the road and on track. One of them is Vincenzo Nibali, aka the Shark. Then there is Damiano Caruso, who had a successful Giro d’Italia 2021. These are two of the five cyclists who will take on the Japanese road. Instead, the track team includes Filippo Ganna and Elia Viviani, while the women can count on Elisa Longo Borghini, the 29-year old captain.

Swimmers, we have

Needless to say, the Italian aquatics team is made of all-stars. During the 2021 European Aquatics tournament, Italy ended up third in the medal count. This, thanks to veterans like Federica Pellegrini and Gregorio Paltrinieri. Not only. This Italian Olympics team can count on the youngest generations, like the talented Margherita Panziera and Simona Quadarella. It doesn’t matter if it’s relay, solo, dolphin, speed, or distance. The swimming team has it covered.


Both the women’s and men’s team qualified to the Tokyo Olympics. Coach Mazzanti leads the girls, who shined even during the latest World Cup. Thanks to players like Cristina Chirichella and Paola Egonu. On the other hand, coach Chicco Blengini leads the men’s, who got close to the gold mdal in Rio 2016. They will try again in Tokyo, thanks to Osmany Juantorena and the volleyball captain Ivan Zaytsev.


The Italian Olympics team has many international champions in its ranks. Unfortunately Matteo Berrettini, had to renounce after the Wimbledon 2021 final. So, the hopes lie with Fabio Fognini, Lorenzo Sonego, and Jack Sinner, one of Italy’s youngest tennis promises. While women haven’t been as successful recently, the tennis player Camilla Giorgi is worth keeping an eye on.

Other athletes Italian Olympics team

Skeet shooting might not be one of the most popular Olympics sport, but Italy has an ace. Her name is Jessica Rossi and she plays to win with her teammate Diana Bacosi. Same goes with Judo, thanks to the category champion Luigi Busà. While gymnastics is a difficult sport (especially given the US competition), Vanessa Ferrari can surprise the public, on the notes of Andrea Bocelli.

Then there is the men’s Italbasket team that qualified to the Tokyo Olympics after a long (too long) absence. Just as surprising is the result of the Italian beach volley, which brings three couples to the Games, a national record.

So, the Olympics might be a gold mine for Italy. Thanks to swimmers, lighting bolts, and tennis balls, the expectations are high. Will they deliver? Follow the updates of the Tokyo Olympics on Italian Compass! 

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