Fabrizio Colica

Fabrizio Colica Marries Giacomo Visconti

Fabrizio Colica is a famous comedian with a YouTube channel of over 300,000 subscribers. Some of his videos have over 400,000 views, with users loving the humor of Le Coliche. They make fun of life, of Italians, pop culture, and anything in between. Nothing is off limits. Fabrizio even wrote an autobiography about his coming out and homosexuality, titled Come il mal di pancia, aka like a stomach ache. Finally, he has married his partner, Giacomo Visconti.

Fabrizio Colica’s marriage

The couple dreamed of marriage before the lockdown. Then, the pandemic hit and the two had to wait -like many other couples. They had decided they could wanted to spend a life together, promising each other to find first a house in Rome. Then, get married.

But they had to wait to long. So, they simply tied the knot. The couple put its heart and thoughts in various Instagram posts, sharing their love with the whole world. First, they shared their union with a tiny group of friends and family. Later, they shared pictures in the Tuscan countryside that made everyone dream.

“God is great,” wrote Fabrizio Colica is his post, “I still believe in God, despite the Catholic community thinking us as against nature. Despite our wedding, which we had to celebrate in the municipality because we can’t get married in an elegant church with frescoes from the 1700s, smelling like incense. We got married, despite nuns and priests we know had to bless us in secret, as if this was a super alcoholic. Despite all of this, I stil believe in God.”

Then, he made a promise to his husband: to follow the path that God lays for them, to let God guide them. The first stop on this road was the civil union, not a wedding per sè. They had friends serving the tables, cooking, setting up flowers, and singing.

“Every moment had a meaning, every detail showed effort, every corner had love. Now I know why the wedding day is unforgettable.” Perhaps their love can help inspire opponents of the Zan Law, the law against homophobia.


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