Berrettini at Wimbledon

Berrettini loses the Wimbledon final but shows power

The dream of Berrettini at Wimbledon was the dream of the underdog taking over the giant. The Roman had a dreamt to pursue. And he didn’t surrender easily. Despite losing to Djokovic, Berrettini showed the tennis world that he is here to stay.

The game

Without a doubt, it was an uphill match for the Italian player, since Berrettini at Wimbledon was always the underdog. The Italian player warmed up slow to the first set and he had to chase Djokovic. The Serbian player was leading 3-1 when the avalanche arrived. And hit hard, making it 5-5.

In fact, Berrettini ended up winning the first set, after a hard mini tiebreak. He made it back and lift his foot from the brake. Then, it was time for the second set. Once again, the Italian athlete had to chase the Serbian. For a few minutes, it seemed like Djokovic had an easy win this time around, leading 5-0. But he didn’t. Betterrini’s made it to 5-3. A moment too late, because the Serbian tennis player managed to win the second set.

After five minutes of rest, the two came back to the green field, ready to fight. And what a fight it was. Berrettini at Wimbledon didn’t give up. He might have been the underdog, but he was a powerful one. Indeed, it was time to show it to the international public.

Once again, the fight was on. After a difficult start, Berrettini managed to bring the game to 4-3. The Roman player made it back to 6-4. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and the third set went to Djokovic.

It’s now 2-1

The fourth set was another battle that went all the way to 5-3 for Djokovic. The Italian player managed to cancel many match points. However, tt the third championship point, the Italian made a mistake. He threw the ball onto the net, giving Djokovic the title and the Wimbledon win. Now, it’s up to the soccer team to take over London.

Berrettini at Wimbledon: the highlights

Still, the Serbian champion didn’t have it easy. The match was an uphill battle with a rival that wasn’t scared. In fact, Berrettini at Wimbledon was strong, talented, and ready. Soon enough, the Italian tennis player will be ready to take over the number one in the ATP global ranking.


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