Eco-friendly Campania

Region Campania becomes more sustainable

The region of Campania lives with and by the Mediterranean Sea. But the sea is at risk. Due to climate change, locals have to find new ways to enjoy it without exploiting it. Two eco-friendly initiatives are taking the first steps towards a cleaner environment. They both promote sustainable ways to work, travel and experience the Mediterranean. As respectfully as possible.

Eco-friendly Campania, two initiatives for the planet

..One for the fishing industry

In the coastal town of Capo Miseno, locals are experimenting with the “Cozza Plastic Free” project. In the region’s mussel farms, workers use plastic nets to catch the fish and these later become special garbage, not disposable. The goal of the project is to substitute all of them with eco-friendly and organic options, called Mater-bi.

Why? Because over 2.6000 trash pieces in Italy are litter from fish farms. Of these, 45% come specifically from mussels, said the research on beach litter by Legambiente. Still, the research identified 36.821 types of garbage in the Mediterranean Sea. In Campania, Legambiente identified 363 trash pieces connected with the fishing industry, 3% of the country’s total.

“The use of eco-friendly nets is necessary to protect the sea from microplastics,” said the president of Legambiente Campania Mariateresa Imparato to ANSA, “these nets can be recycled when their use is over.”

The fighting industry is essential to this region. So much so that the newly eco-friendly Campania will participate in the Slow Fish 2021 edition, which promotes local ingredients, a sustainable system, and tradition. However, the fishing industry isn’t the only one crucial to the Southern region. In fact, this is a tourist destination, filled with history, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. However, tourism isn’t always sustainable.

The second one, for the travelers

Campania is made of gulfs, islands, and remote beaches. Sometimes, the best and easiest way to reach these places is by sea. Hence, boats, ferries, and yachts. While they are comfortable and charming, these transportation means are also polluting. That’s why the company You Know launched two touristic goiter boats. The big news? They are hybrid.

In fact, these goiter boats feature lithium batteries, electric engines, and solar panels. Plus, these goiters have a battery autonomy of 20 hours and they don’t pollute, since they don’t even make any noise. The company’s CEO is Enrico Manzi, who pioneered this project at You Know, looking at the future.

“Thanks to a complex technology,” Manzi said, “we offer the chance of combining the advantages of both diesel and electric engines, meaning speed, power, autonomy, and zero emissions.” These innovative goiter boats will depart from Piano di Sorrento, taking tourists to the best and most pristine destinations of the coast. All while respecting the environment.

Both initiatives aim to create an eco-friendly Campania. Hence, a sustainable sea, where people can fish to sustain themselves and where tourists can cruise, on hybrid boats. It’s a possible future that acknowledges that men aren’t the center of the world. Just like they aren’t the center of Campania’s coast. The Mediterranean Sea is.

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