Capri Marine Reserve

Too much traffic in Capri, hence the marine area

The island of Capri along the Amalfi Coast has always been a travelers’ dream. But tourism has its costs, as the region of Campania knows too well. With the recent reopening of industries and businesses in Italy, many travel restrictions have been lifted. And tourists have taken over the coast. This, before the region established the Capri Marine Reserve.

The alarm sounded early in the 2021 summer season. There were too many boats around Capri. And they didn’t just cause environmental issues due to gasoline or potential spills. These boats were also dangerous.

Too much traffic on the Mediterranean

The Italian Coast Guard has been issuing fines and sanctions. People stop in forbidden ares and they block off safe passage. Also, travelers drive boats without any licenses and insurance.

“Hundreds and hundreds of swimmers and visitors crowd and invade the surrounding areas of Capri,” said regional Europa Verde politician Francesco Emilio Borrelli to Positano News, “the situation is serious and someone has to stop it.”

Indeed, the situation is serious. And even dangerous, considering the recent incident involving a tourists’ boat. The boat capsized, although the reasons are still unknown. But it happened by the Faraglioni beach, where hundreds of people were relaxing. While no one was hurt (not even the passengers), it could have been worse.

August is peak season for these destinations in Italy and the predictions aren’t optimistic. The boats and yachts don’t just pollute the waters. They also destroy the local flora and fauna. The answer? The Capri Marine Reserve.

Capri Nature Reserve
Too much traffic.

Establishing the Capri Marine Reserve

The Marine Protected Area is a newborn, born out of necessity. The project started in November 2020 and it was confirmed in June 2021. Finally, there is a Reserve and it spans from the Faraglioni to Punta di Mulo in the bay of Marina Piccola. Indeed, this is the hotspot for travelers. But it’s also the home of native animals and plants.

Thanks to the Capri Marine Reserve, people can swim without worrying about speeding yachts. And the whole area will be secured, especially from falling rocks. Visitors will find safe corridors, both for their boats and for their experiences. So, everyone wins. Right?

“The establishment of the Capri Marine Reserve has been my main goal,” said local representative Paola Mazzina to Positano News, “I promised our citizen we would preserve our natural habitat of land and sea, that needs to be protected above all for future generations.” Surely, future generations will want to enjoy the beauty of this area.

Top sights of the Capri Marine Reserve

Thanks to the protected area, visitors will be able to enjoy the coast’s top sights in safety. So, what’s so special about this part of Campania?

  • The Blue Grotto, a natural sea cave, in the hearth and depth of the mountainside
  • The Faraglioni, two rock giants in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Anacapri, aka Capri’s other half. Here, travelers can enjoy the Villa San Michele from the 18th century
  • The Mount Solaro to enjoy an easy hike and an unforgettable view

Finally, it’s not a vacation in the Capri Marine Reserve if there is no delicious, local food. Of course, the Caprese, an international dish with basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella. Still, the region of Campania has a wide menu of sweets, a perfect snack for the boat ride. This is a destination for everyone: solo travelers, families, and foodies. Now, thanks to the Reserve, it’s also safe. And eco-friendly.


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